Make sure your shots are well focused and not blurry

The popularity of the BDSM-laden Fifty Shades of Grey?series has created a lot of buzz lately about the mainstreaming of BDSM and kink. Perhaps as as response to all this new and interesting dialogue,?Bitch?created the Thinking Kink series on their blog about cheap sex toys. Launched in June, the Thinking Kink series highlights the ways in which BDSM is portrayed in pop culture and what these depictions mean for feminism.The series begins with an introductory post, which explains:I want to look at whether BDSMs infiltration of the mainstream media is a feminist triumph, a positive move for the kink community, or just a wallet-fattener for studio execs. I want to examine how BDSM runs the risk of being hijacked to forward anti-feminist agendas, and consider if its app.

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win 2,000 Oh! Points which will be credited to their accounts lover. Congratulations!Remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or model or have the best equipment to be a winner, just keep the following photo rules in mind:Upload your photo at a reasonable size. We can’t use teeny-tiny shots.Make sure your shots are well focused and not blurry.Pick a clean and tidy background for your shot. Clutter is distracting and ruins otherwise great shots.No nudey-rudey bits please.Best of luck!.


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