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Scientists Engineer Stem Cells to Target HIV

A new study published in the journal PLoS Pathogens finds that engineered stem cells can effectively target and suppress HIV in living tissue. Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles engineered human blood stem cells and implanted them in? “humanized mice.” HIV infection in these mice closely resembles the disease in humans so this gave them a good platform to study the effects on a living being.

The scientists then tested the mice’s blood, plasma, and tissue two weeks and six weeks after implantation of the cells. They found “that the number of CD4 ‘helper’ T cells—which become depleted as a result of HIV infection—increased, while levels of HIV in the blood decreased. CD4 cells are white blood cells that are an important component of the immune system, helping to fight off infections.” Based on these results, they concluded that engineered cell can develop and migrate to organs and fight infection there.

As one of the researchers explained: “We believe that this study lays the groundwork for the potential use of this type of an approach in combating HIV infection in infected individuals, in hopes of eradicating the virus from the body.”

The researchers cautioned, however, that some differences between the immune system of the mice and those of humans might mean different results in people.

A Pill That Can Prevent HIV Gets Tested in California, But is it Worth the Money?

Truvada is a combination of two drugs used to treat HIV (tenofovir-emtricatabine) that has been shown in a clinical trial to reduce an individual’s risk of HIV infection by an average of 44 percent (up to 73 percent in some) if taken daily. The pill is very expensive, however, at $26 per pill or $10,000 a year per person.

In a new study, researchers at Stanford University used an economic model to analyze the cost effectiveness of this new prevention method.? They focused on men who have sex with men (MSM) because according to the CDC 56,000 new HIV infections occur in this group each year. They concluded that giving the pill to all MSM would cost $495 billion dollars over 20 years and that if 20 percent of all MSM took the pill daily there would 63,000 fewer infections over those 20 years. Giving the pill just to those MSM co.

nction score of 19, which is consistent with mild erectile dysfunction, while scores of men without ICDs demonstrated normal sexual function. Women with and without ICDs had similar sexual function scores -- 65 and 67, respectively. However, men and women with ICDs who had a high level of fear about getting shocked -- called shock-related anxiety -- had lower sexual function scores.

Depression scores were the same for those with and without an ICD and were in normal range.

The results of this study suggest that patients and doctors should talk about these concerns to help patients cope with the increased anxiety surrounding the ICD and refer them for appropriate counseling when indicated, said Stephen C. Cook, M.D., lead researcher of the Shock-ICD study and director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Communication among healthcare providers and patients is essential, Cook said. Patients require counseling both before and after device placement particularly if they continue to report high levels of nervous feelings.

Co-authors are Paul Khairy, M.D.; Doug Landsittel, Ph.D.; Mary Amanda Dew, Ph.D.; Curt J. Daniels, M.D.; Jenne Hickey, N.P; Jennifer Burger, P.

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