Many people Require Handcuffs Terribly

Some people not only are in dire need of handcuffs, they need to be locked away for a very long time. Two American morons (is there any other kind?) broke into a police van to take photos of themselves pretending to get arrested when they accidentally locked themselves inside!

Yes, alcohol was involved.

These two wasted blokes spent their time smoking cigarettes and spitting. Yeah, seriously. They also called another inebriated friend who tried to get them out of the van. When Drunk #3 didnt succeed, he called the police to f.

eat beat will help you keep the right rhythm for super passionate sessions.

Aaliyah – One In A Million: Great groove and swing to this song. It’s not overpowering with its base – it’s great for longer sex session where you’re focusing on duration and pleasure rather than a quick and dirty screw.

Garbage #1 Crush:? This alternative rock hit was featured on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, and is all about that uber-obsessive love that some of us go through with a new crush. It’s also got a beat that will get the hips going in a great rhythm in the sack.

Body Is a Wonderland – John Mayer: Romance, love, and holding a woman in the highest regard. John Mayer’s personal life may detract slightly from the lyrics to this song, but that doesn’t dampen the effect. This song i.

hich is in fact what you're experiencing - the more sex you have, the more you want) and you'll also gain the knowledge to teach your partner what you like best.Woody Allen has some wise words on flying solo which always make me smile - “Don't knock masturbation.

Put on Attractive Knickers Whenever Youre Captured Together with your Trousers Lower

Now heres something you dont see every day. There has been another mishap in a loo in Washington, D. C., USA. No, there was no toe-tapping between a right wing, family values oriented, anti-gay male senator and another man. This time, a woman was seriously injured when a toilet in the General Services Administration (GSA) Building exploded. Presumably she was sitting on the throne when the thing went BOOM! I just know theres a Lethal Weapon 2 joke in there somewhere

No bombs were involved. Instead, the plumbing malfunctioned. Due to a mecha.

He packing tape open to reveal my new sex toy. I had purchase toys in the past, but it was more for my then-partner rather than a toy purely for myself. After getting all the packaging open, I was left with the lightweight and someone interesting looking Fleshlight. It had a slight latexy/plastic smell to it, but it didn’t turn me off of using it. I gave it a quick rinse and dry (I do like to make sure my toys are clean before I use them), and slapped a bit of the lube on the opening. The lube made it very easy to slip into this tight little toy, and the first stroke back almost sent me over the edge right there. I had to pause for a minute or two so I wouldn’t blow my load after two strokes. It really did feel as good as a blow job!

I adjusted the tightness of the masturbator.

s bedroom to retire to, in peace, not to be disturbed until morning! CD:It seems that one of the joys of being a Mistress is that you get to be completely uninhibited during sex, is there anything that you're yet to try that you're interested in? SM: I have always been incredibly broad minded and find no issue discussing what makes me happy with a partner. It opens up the possibility for new and exciting sensations and experiences and I consider myself blessed for having such a fulfilled sex life.I would consider I have tried every fantasy I have ever come across, and then some, and other than illegal or painful acts, I have nothing specific that comes to mind that I haven't done.

I love to watch pornography with a partner and often read erotica, and I do believe that anticipation is a wonderful aphrodisiac, so a long build up to an erotic encounter is priceless. I would suggest all I want to try now is more of the same I have already done, in places I've never tried, but bizarrely enough Disneyland leaps to mind!! Maybe I'll save that for another blog... CD: What is your Mistress must-have? SM: Everyone who knows me appreciates my love of footwear. I currently have 127 pairs of heels and adore beautiful shoes of any style. It is never simple walking in a serial mistresses shoes, so I need to have beautiful ones to make the journey easier. My shoes are definitely part of the 'kit'. Shoes need to be worn well, not just thrown on, they are all part of the image, however they always look better when they are topped off by a beautiful lingerie ensemble and sheer stockings. I'm a stockings girl, never tights - there should be a law against them - and I adore wearing them.

It's a turn on making an effort for my partner.To complete the look is immaculate hair and make-up. Women should make an effort for themselves, more so than for their partner. I do. And although the man appreciates it, I love to feel groomed, glamorous and beautiful. If you feel sexy on the outside, no matter what size or shape you are, then the sexiness will ooze from the inside!The attached men I meet really appreciate the finishing touches; the matching outfits, the coordinated nails etc, because they are coming from a wife/girlfriend who is either too busy, too tired or too complacent to make the effort.

But come on guys, it's not just about us looking perfect; you should be making the effort too. Wax occasionally and splash out on the good aftershave, don't assume Lynx will cure everything.Another essential for me is perfume; I simply can't have sex without expensive perfume dabbed in all the places I want him to go, almost like a map for him to follow.My toy collection is very important to me, and any man who has an 'issue' with a girl who likes the occasional plastic friend doesn't get very far with me. They are included in sex play, and interesting role play scenarios, and I always have one in my handbag in case I get the urge! I like a man to be comfortable with that and no guys, we don't use them because you're not 'enough' for us, we use them because we can!Finally, condoms. No encounter is complete without them, and I can never stress it enough - no matter what age you are, no encounter is worth itching or dying for! So wrap it up girls, and make the most of the easy clean up after! But beware the Curry flavoured ones!If you want to find out more about Karen and all the naughty things she gets up to, check out her amazing blogs Serial Mistress, Agony Mistress andErotic Mistress - the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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Now back to our intrepid cop caught having sex in his squad car Yes, use a ball gag so your ministrations arent broadcast over the police radio like this blokes was. Granted, saving the Sexy Time until you are buying sex toys would be a lot better but that would be too simple. The cop was most likely alone in his squad car since the event took place over only about fifteen minutes. If he was with a partner, she couldnt have been entirely happy about how quickly things went down. So I suspect he slapped the monkey quite a bit.

That can get messy, though. .

xt.Weird excuses for coming home late for work. Too many excuses can be a bad thing. When he starts telling you that the boss is nagging him to finish a big project and the project is taking 5 months – something is up. Unless he’s an architect working on a high profile account, no project takes 5 months!Friend from high school – this can be a brazen one.? If a mysterious girl shows up that says is a friend from high school, this can be a bad sign. He likes his little side fling so much that he is starting to bring her around the house? Ask her little questions about huge dildos . If things don’t line up this is suspicious.Little red stains? Little red stains might start appearing on his collar, the bottom of his shirt and around the waist of his pants. It might not be a full lipstic.

for the obvious sexual areas: hands, feet, inner arms and thighs - and even the scalp - can all benefit from massage.If one thing leads to another, then fine. If he comes and you don't, that's fine too - this exercise is not about climaxing,hot girls are all about building up the confidence to be happy in your own skin in front of your partner. Tell him the things about his body that turn you on, and ask him to tell you his favourite bits of your body. Believe me, talking like this will come a lot easier when the candles are flickering and the oils are flowing!Don't just do it once - practise until you really start to let go and feel at ease. And when you do manage to come with him there, try not to worry about how you look or sound. We all look different at the moment of climax, and I'm sure he'll just be thrilled (and turned-on) about you reaching your happy place by his side.

Small Dresses Tend to be For that Youthful As well as Young-At-Heart

Ever notice skirts seem to get shorter and shorter? Pretty soon women will forgo skirts and just wear a band of cloth around their hips.

There is apparently a certain age in which women wear the shortest skirts. That age is 23. Hems go up and down depending on what stage a woman is in in her life. Women wear miniskirts comfortably until they are sexy, then the hems go down. Most girls want a miniskirt when they are 14 but they dont often get one until they are 16. The hems stay steady at about 18 inches until she reaches 20 to 23, when the best sex toys.

partner that is either the same way or just gets that, that is how your partner is. If not, however, theres nothing like trying to subtly or not so subtly telling your partner to keep their trap shut during sex. A well placed hand over the mouth may or may not be welcome but I digress.

Verbal diarrhea during sex can be an arousal killer. There is a certain energy to sex that can become stifled by too much talk. Talking during sex should add to the action. It can enhance the flow if you are being truly present with your partner. There are those strong silent types on the other end of the spectrum, who you never know how they feel at least until they orgasm, so Im not advocating for being over stoic either. But like anything in life there is a balance to be struck. A dance.

ingredients of a great female fantasy and I felt quite anal toys as I read it."High praise indeed! If you fancy checking out Double Bubble, you can download this fantastic, free erotic story now!Make sure to check out the other winning stories on the my blog blog in downloadable E-book format!

Man Masturbators With regard to Telephone Intercourse

A new survey has revealed that women are the ones who drive romances. This conclusion was reached by inspecting phone data. It turns out that women call their spouses more than anyone else. After they have children, they shift their calls from their spouses to their children, especially daughters. This switch occurs about the time youd expect a woman to see grandchildren. Men, on the other hand, call their spouses most often up to seven years into the relationship. After that, they tend to call their friends more. Women also eventually call their best friends more than they call their husbands as the relationship ages. This study supposedly shows that pair-bonding is more import.

ant to gently let him know his cleanliness is not up to par and it’s turning you off.

Uncircumcised men need to be sure to pull the foreskin all the way back and wash the head of the penis at least twice a day.

However, there can be more serious reasons for odor. If your man washes on a regular basis and the smell keeps returning quickly, it could be a number of medical conditions. Ongoing smells can be the result of an ongoing bacterial or yeast infection. Also, Urinary Tract Infections can cause the urine to smell.

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The news is full of reports of yet another poorly-run research study saying that highly successful women will have trouble finding relationship partners. This latest study by Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker is out of University of Texas at Austin. The guys interviewed young men and women in college between the ages of 18 and 23. They also collected data from four national surveys. Their conclusions? According to sexuality press release, Its created an imbalance that tips relationship power in the direction of the men. Instead of men competing for women, today women feel like they must compete for men. Buried in one article about this latest scare tactic aimed at women is this: Its .

any healthy relationship, couples understand the value of spending time together, but also the value of spending time alone. Alone does not mean weeks apart. It means taking a day, an hour, a half hour to spend in private buy male vibrators that interest you without someone asking you questions, talking about what to have for dinner next Thursday, or invading your personal space. Taking time out to recharge our own batteries allows us to stay sane and happy and keep a positive mindset in our relationships.

Dr. Annette.

him...- Remote control vibrators have evolved from simple wireless vibes to mobile phone activated sex toys! Pick up a VibraExciter and spice up any business call!- If you've seen ‘The Ugly Truth' then you'll know about the existence of vibrating panties! These take the hassle out of using a remote control vibrator by having the vibe already inserted comfortably into the underwear. Forget the pearl thong; you need the Berman Astrea I Remote Control Vibrating Briefs.- If you find travelling a bore, take your remote control vibrating sex toys with you! The small controller can easily be slipped in a handbag or briefcase and is the perfect accompaniment to a saucy erotic book or sexy song on your MP3 player.- If you're a fan of kinky play, why not tie your partner up and blindfold them before using your Toy Joy Turn Me On Remote Control Love Egg on them? They won't know when you're going to click but they'll certainly feel it!Need more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect remote vibrator. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from male sex toys 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on vibrators is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also likeTop 10 Sex Toys for CouplesHow to Choose the Perfect VibratorBeginner's Guide to VibratorsHow to Clean Sex ToysHow to Store Sex Toys.

The best Device With regard to Kegel Workouts

They have the one-child rule. They took over the Olympics. Their gymnasts must have been underaged. They eat insects. Thats the Chinese and they have censored words on the Internet. Try searching for incest, Islam, and conflict diamonds on the web in China and you wont get far. Some search words make no sense. Why would three adult sex toys colour cat and fifty cents by off limits? I have no idea.

I reported on these censored search terms yesterday. There are two more Id like to bring up today. One is breast sex (titty fuck). Looking for some titty fuck action? Good luck. If you want to find a woman with big boobs who wouldnt mind you giving her a pearl necklace, youll have to be creative .

d since the whole society is obsessed to feminine beauty, we are allowed to admire each other. Of course the unfortunate part of male sex toys our culture is fascination with women as object of erotic desire is the competition that process between us but also makes it difficult for us to trust one another which can make emotion intimacy seem risky.

Justin Jolie: It is risky. Ive had some feelings hurt by girls before.

Nina Hartley: And so have I. That fear of being hurt is one of the factors that .

deal gift for a naughty partner or a flirty friend, this Lucky Bag even includes one very special bedroom gadget...More: More Sexy Gifts and Games Videos.

This story has made news all over the world. It has lead to titters all over Twitter. The first sex school has opened in Vienna, Austria. Its not cheap. The Austria International Sex School offers classes for 1,400 per term. The headmistress says anyone over the age of sixteen may enroll in this school, which is said to be sex toys the first interactive sex school ever. Students live in mixed sex dorms and they are expected to practice their homework.

The headmistress has been working on this project for years and now it has come to fruition. Classes include lessons in topics including sexual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features. Its all very hands-on, since this sc.

really cool device, it doesnt act like a normal vibrator, it focuses on the tip area. You can use it as clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The cool thing about the HipG is that it has a variable speed. You can turn it on just a little bit or high speed for intense-like action. Its dependable, hard, light-weight, and its really easy to clean. Its cool because we can experiment with it a lot.

Its fun to use with my boyfriend too because when I dont have a control of it, he can surprise we with a sex bondage.

amera phones that manage up to 8 megapixels a shot. The funny thing is, people generally look better at lower resolutions. The poor quality makes skin look smoother and bodies seem more dreamlike and sexy. Turn the resolution on your phone down and you won't have to worry about disguising that pubic stubble before you pose.4. Under pressureDon't feel under pressure to send a photo message back. If someone has sent you a picture of their mimsy, it doesn't mean you're obligated todo the same. If they really won't shut up, go online, find some porn, photograph the image on your phone and the internetNo matter how much you've made someone promise not to show your rude photos to anyone else, it is inevitable that it will leak its way out somehow. To prevent embarrassment, take the photo so that no distinguishing features are in it – if you've got a tattoo, make sure it's cropped out, if you've got a birthmark shaped like a flamingo, take the shot from the other side. Denial is much easier this way..

Spice things up and masturbate together!

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting less.It.

08. The problem was he developed such large moobs he had to wear a bra every day. He wants the surgery, but he has been unable to get it yet.

Mens nipples are just as sensitive as ben wa balls for womens. Want to drive a bloke mad? Suck on his nipples while he beats off. Nipple torture, especially with nipple toys is also popular with both men and women, and if youre a bloke who wants to enjoy some prime nipple torture, t.

one cock sleeves are skin-safe, stretchy, and comfortable. They are covered with nubs and ticklers for her pleasure as well. After all, James Bond was a fantastic lover. These cock buy sex toyssleeves give the wearer more girth which makes everyone happy. These delightful cock sleeves will enhance all your sex play for hours and days to come. So if you want to have the sexual prowess of James Bond, invest in this nifty set of cock sleeves.

my blog Community members share their sex tips..."Masturbation helps to spice things up in your bedroom.Masturbate right before you are going to see your lover - but don't let yourself orgasm - so you will be incredibly aroused and ready to go as soon as you're together.Masturbate in front of each other. Show each other what feels good. Better yet, make a game out.


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The game is easy to play jo h2o. Just spin the wheel and choose the chili whose number corresponds with the number on the wheel. Do you get delicious chocolate or a hot and spicy surprise? Why not make the recipient of the hot willies do a striptease or make out with another person playing the game? Its your game! You make up the rules! Change them mid-stream if you like. Play chocolate chili willie roulette if you dare!

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We're making room in our warehouse for some great new sex toys so have launched a big Sex Toys Clearance Sale.It's bargain hunter's paradise, wit.

s have such a kinky reputation. I sleep on one and while they may be kinky I can attest they are very comfortable. Still, he was all trussed up like a fancy dinner and left for dead.

He wore a zipper bondage hood not unlike this black leather bondage hood. There are many different types of bondage hoods, including this popular type. You see a zipper bondage hood and you think oooh, kinky! This soft leather.

nsations are with this dildo. The anal dildo is 4 cm in diameter and 14 cm long. Thats a nice length for some healthy anal! These black latex pants come in sizes small through large, perfect to fit any sized man.

They are snug and very comfortable. Wipe them clean with a moist towel and gentle soap. You will enjoy many years of sheer anal bliss from these pants. When you are ready to buy your anal toys, buy them from sextoysbrand.


The origin of the smiling face on the rabbit vibrator

If you've ever seen a rabbit vibrator, you may have been intrigued as to why there's a smiley face on the end.It does come across as a little bit strange that something you use for masturbation purposes appears to be staring at your sex life!Well now my blog can enlighten you as to the origins of the smiling rabbit and you need not live in confusion (or fear!) anymore...In Japan, during the period of the Shogun (794 -1867 A.D.) a law was pass.

, so the legend goes) Karezza is less about?aligning energies/meditation and more about just taking time to have really really.reeeeeeaaaaallyslow sex. Sounds good so far, but neither of you are supposed to orgasm. Like, not at all. ?Youre even supposed to stop entirely if either one of you is close.

As a big fan of edging, this was all brutal dildos sounding like such a good idea until I got to the no orgasms rule. Im all for.

her open, supple mouth. Lipstick-lined and eager for your cock, this silicone masturbator has a ribbed interior. It also has the most amazing sucking sensations. Its very flexible and even waterproof so enjoy it in the bath. This guy would have landed in anal beads the crime blotter regardless of whether he used a sex doll or male masturbators but he would have had an easier time of it with male masturbators whilst trapped in a tiny closet.

The Restored Traditional -- The actual Demon and also the Heavy Azure Ocean

The fantastic Petra Joy, director of such sensational adult movies as Sensual Seduction and Female Fantasies, has launched a new competition, aptly titled The Joy Award, to find new and talented female filmmakers that are brave enough to break porn cliches and to show sex in new ways.And the prize? Well, as the competition is sponsored by Pjur lubricants, you know it's going to be good!The three best female directed films are rewarded with cash prizes, Pjur goodie bags and the chance to be used in Petra Joy's Upcoming sexy film compilation 'Her Porn, Volume Two'.The theme of the competition is 'What is erotic to you?' and aims t.

ower to you and think others should leave them alone to do their thing. Others, of course, are more judgmental, saying its inappropriate and a poor environment in which to raise their daughter.

Do you like to view online porn? Do you prefer the professionally made stuff or amateur porn? Either way, lets hope you have the proper tools to enjoy your porn viewing. Male sex toys like realistic and vibrating vaginas please many men. Youd want something nice and tight wrapped around your cock when you watch online porn. How about the elite r.

Wants to attempt to navigate over a rocky shoreline in the dark!Check the weather before you head out. Sex in the rain may seem quite sexy, but in combination with your beachside environment, it may soon make the night of your dreams into a soggy, sand filled mess. Excess wind will also put a damper in the evening, as blown sand against the skin (and eyes) is less than sexy.Adam and Eve hope that as you head off to Spring Break or your summer vacations, you always stay safe in your sexual adventures. Be careful that you don’t get sand in your condoms, since this will affect the strength of the materials. It’ll also cause huge irritations to your receiving partner.

Do you have any other tips for our readers about having sex on the beach? Feel free to leave your advice in the comments section!


Much more Journal Reviews upon Intercourse Toy Dependancy!

When it becomes so difficult to hold an erection that it stops you having sex altogether, you may have what’s termed ‘erectile dysfunction’.Question:I have tried many remedies, but, although I can get an erection, it's not hard and I can't hold it, it flops. I love sex and have had 4 children, all grown up now.I have to be honest and tell you I've had a heart bypass some time ago and am on two blood pressure tabs, and have had two hernia operations. Am I a lost cause cheap adult toys, do you think?Julie Says:Of course you’re not a lost cause! However, as this is essentially a medical question - and I’m not a doctor - I can only offer you an answer in general terms. Most men, at some time in their lives and for whatever reasons, will have a short lived problem getting or maintaining an erection. But when it becomes so difficult that it stops you having sex altogether, you may have what.

or that finger. You know the old joke hell never play the violin again. He wont play the piano any time soon. He also wont be able to pleasure his girlfriend with bullet vibrators on that finger. Imagine how happy she would have been if he had been able to use the popular rampant finger vibrator on her, driving her mad with desire. There are many different types of vibrators out there that would easily please a woman and these little finger vibrators are one delightful bullet vibrators type.

The rampant finger vibrator is a simple yet effective little .

an burn up to 300 calories.

In order to make getting in on in the morning a routine there are a few ways you can move around your schedule to make it happen.? You can get to sleep the night before a little earlier and wake up a little earlier reducing the some the stress of rushing around, you can keep a good breath mint on the night stand in order to alleviate some of that terrible morning breath, and you can even use a small vibrator or some other toys to get you in the mood – especially if you are not a morning person.

So if you hate those earlier morning jogs or visits to the gym or you want to start your day right, morning sex may be for you. And who knows you might just sexy become a morning person? Early to bed, early to rise, a little morning loving makes you happy, healthy and wise!


Woman Having a 1 Monitor Mind's Top ten Adult toys with regard to Partners

I don’t think you should feel either guilty or dirty about your need to masturbate. You obviously have a powerful libido.Question:I am in a relationship of 10 years and my sex life is very good, which I love, and my partner satisfies me most of the time. However, I can't stop masturbating, sometimes twice a day LELO ISLA.I sometimes feel guilty and a bit dirty about it and I don't know why, i just want to know, is this normal for a woman in her late 20s - or any age?Julie Says:I don’t think you should feel either guilty or dirty about your need to masturbate. You obviously have a powerful libido.

Them! That guaranteed their arrest! They were anything but free. Once out of the van they were promptly arrested for breaking into a cop van. I dont know if they were also charged with littering and spitting.

The cop who manned the van said of the incident: Un-freaking-believable! Further words were not necessary.

I bet these clowns were carted away in handcuffs. Would you like to reenact this incident but with a discount sex toys? How about using your own sexy handcuffs? I wonder if the handcuffs and ankle cuffs used on these clowns were.

all about being thankful for the other body in your bed, and letting your lover know that you find them attractive.

Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin: “Im gonna give you every inch of my love.way down inside..whole lotta love.?“ Robert Plant didn’t leave much to the imagination with this classic rock song!

Nine Inch Nails – Closer: This industrial rock classic is both a song and music video that rarely makes it past the sensors unedited, and for good reason! This song is about obsessive sex and the overwhelming desire to reach orgasm Add the thudding beat, and you’ve got a song that makes almost every ‘booty playlist’ there is!

Tell us, readers – what are the songs on your ‘Getting’ Busy’ mix? Shout out on our Twitter and Facebook pages, or leave a comment below!


Exactly what actions can one decide to try make sure my personal time period does not ruin the intimate weekend break aside?

We're over half way through October and I'm loving every minute of it!Not just because of the falling autumn leaves, the dark evenings and the almost-but-not-quite festive spirit, but because the blogosphere is alive with the sound of sex (squelchy)!From sexy Halloween goodies to hot girls in coffins, from unusual sex toys to saucy Twitter updates, this week's blog round-up is full of the greatest news stories you can find online. I did warn you last week that as Halloween approaches I get more and more excited! This week my Halloween searches have led me to some strange and wonderful places indeed. My first stop was over at College Candy where I couldn't help but agree whole heartedly with Brianna and her post 'Note to the Guys: Bring the Sexy This Halloween!' This year it's all about getting men into sexy Halloween costumes. I'm thinking firemen, police officers and, it might just be me, mecha.

ave the money, spend it! Get yourself some luxury sex toys and have a grand old time in the privacy of your bondage dungeon on your yacht.

One that caught my attention (actually, all of them did) was the silver butt plug with horses tail using actual horse mane for the tail. Spiffy! It isnt cheap. It costs over three thousand dollars. Dont have that kind of gold lying around inside your wallet to buy butt plugs? Dont fret! sextoysbrand carries a pony tail butt plug that is a much more reasonable price. Granted, its not made of solid silver and the hair of real unicorns, but it serves its purpose and it looks a.

d sex. Some women say sex is hard, but if they distract their mind – much the way guys do when they don’t want to cum – it makes it easier.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is one of that rarities that exists in human sexuality that cannon be explained. The male equivalent to RGS could be priapism or an unrelenting erection that just won’t go down. Imagine a permanent morning boner? It might make you’re lady happy, but not him. There are a million other weird sexual oddities – all adding to the rich diversity of the human experience, but RGS is definitely up there.

What woman would want a permanent O face? I say, no thanks!



Job interview: Samantha Backman, The actual Vagina Physician as well as Mango Juicer Originator!

Most men love being given oral sex, and I certainly don’t think that being in his 40s is any bar to that!Question:My boyfriend is very affectionate - he always makes sure that I have an orgasm. When I orally want to satisfy him, he doesn't seem to reach a climax. I don't know if I am doing something wrong and really want to know what I must do to please him. He is in his late 40s - is that the reason?Julie Says:Most men love being given oral sex, and I certainly don’t think that being in his 40s is any bar to that! But remember it doesn’t have to be performed through to completion every time - it can be fun to give some oral sex as part of foreplay, and then move on to something else. Or to interrupt penetration with a little bit of oral, or to alternate oral with using your hands - there are .

not in the mood, an article I read suggested just giving him a kiss on the cheek and leave it at that for the moment. If his no is more flexible, try a little teasing. Bring out a sex toy that doesnt look like a sex toy and use it on yourself, like using this ultimate wand vibrator on your feet. Everyone loves a foot massage, especially if hes been in tight shoes or standing all day. Get him to kick off his shoes and get to work on his soles. Massage is very sensuous so he may warm to your advances but dont push him if he doesnt. Have fun! Play! Keep a lighthearted attitude. Switch off with the vibrator. Use it on his fee.


Adult Themed Box Games: For those attending the party who like to keep it little less active, you can get a number of adult-themed box games to keep the entertainment rolling. Imagine having a game of Twister going with a collection of schoolgirl themed costumes? Some Truth or Dare would help get those more shy party goers to step out of their comfort zone just a little bit more.

What kinds of games can you come up with for a sexy adult Halloween party? Leave us a comment below, or head on over to our Facebook page and let us see what naughty games you’ll have going on at your Halloween bash this year!



auction web sites states Squeaking Policeman's Truncheon is actually unlawful tool

As it's coming up to Christmas, we thought we'd offer a very special Book of the Month from Black Lace - No Reservations.But what makes this sensual piece of erotica so exceptional? It's written by not just one of the best authors around, but two of them!And it comes with a free BASIC Sex Toys Love Bullet Vibrator for one month only!That's right, throughout the month of November, when you pick up your copy of No Reservations a BASIC Sex Toys Love Bullet Vibrator worth 4.99 will be added to your basket completely free.Reminiscent of Thelma and Louise, this story explores the lives of two girls who go on the run in the city of sin.Annoyed, upset and feeling pressured by their long term relationships, Leah and Kate leave behind the monotony of a family Christmas to pursue their love of decadence and debauchery in Vegas.But their lusting partner's aren't far behind and the men will try every sensual trick to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever...Read on to find out more...EXTRACTGod, she loved sucking him. For all the times Brandon spent on his knees, worshipping her, there were just as many moments Leah found herself at his feet. She licked his shaft now, then sucked gently at the head while she cuppe.

d individual women protested against him, citing his history of sexually harassing women. The Los Angeles Times reported on his gropings, about which he said only that he behaved badly sometimes.

Gee, ya think?!? Impregnating a woman who is not your wife is much more than behaving badly.

Just think if he would have properly used Durex, Skins, and Condomi condoms, he wouldnt be in this mess. There are numerous sex aids he could have used to prevent a baby from being born. Skins assorted condoms are made of latex and they are very safe and strong. Theyll keep those little swimmers at bay. They come both straight and teat.

gainst it. The Catholic Church went so far as to call them “fashions of Satan” and associated the crotch bumps with sin.

Codpieces didn’t start in the Middle Ages. Archaelogical dig sites in Crete have contained small statues of men wearing this fashion accessory. While they fell out of mainstream fashion sometime in the 1590s, some cultures still embrace the codpiece today sex toys for men. The jock strap is derived from the codpiece’s roots as a coverup for male genitalia. Some fetish subcultures like leathermen have codpieces as part of their typical attire. Even some heavy metal bands sport them in their stage shows.



Review ensures people choose the right things for them

After a quick poll during our recent staff meeting (you would t believe half the things the manager has us talking about during these meetings!), we found that our fannies are all experiencing a variety of feelings.“Bored” (mother visiting so lack of action)“Hairy – needs a wax” (O_o)“Surprised” (just won a sex toy in a competition)“Tantalised” (new member of staff surrounded by sexy toys)“Misbehaving” (prolapse ai t much fun)“Tired” (the less said about that, the better!)?We (women) are often so removed from our fannie emotional well-being, i s good to stop and have a check-in every now and then.This is something we learnt from Sarah Berry, Sh! supporter, sex &relationship expert and founder of did seem odd at first, but we soon got into the swing of it and now regularly discuss our fannies on company time.I s liberating! (Thank you, Sarah!)?If you stop and listen to your own vageen, you may well find i s trying to tell you something;“I need some luuurve”, “Leave me alone” or perhaps “ m really dry!”.?And talking about dryness: many women feel that their bodies are failing t.

husiast is Customer Care Manager Matt Oxford, who recently captained a my blog-sponsored team in a charity golf tournament raising awareness and much-needed funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.he hours of practice on the astro.


Review ensures people choose the right things for them.y blog's sex toy reviewsreally are a cut above the rest, so if you think you can join the ranks of the best sex toy reviewers check out How to Become a Sex Toy Tester.eatured in this blog post: Sex Toy Reviews Sexy Lingerie.

A soft external probe massages the clitoris

By ReneeSexual health information for lesbian &bisexual womenThere is no such thing as safe sex unless you choose to never have sex with anyone, ever, of course.If you want to enjoy hot, healthy frolics on a regular basis, with one or more partners (and we hope that you do!), what you need to consider is safer sex male vibrators.You may have heard that old rumour about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) not passing from woman to woman? Sorry girlz, i s not true.Your peach can most definitely catch a variety of unpleasant infections from your latest fruity squeeze…Any sexy activities that involve an exchange of bodily fluids can transmit an infection, simple as that.Oral sex, be that cunnilingus, fellatio or rimming, is not only massively pleasurable, but also a potentially risky business.By covering her juicy peach and neighboring areas with a dental dam, you are already on much safer ground.Dams are particularly important if you want to go down on your woman during her period and buy sex toys, as infected blood is highly contagious.aginal and anal finger play &fisting can be risky too, so latex gloves are an.

ly - almost impossible!" few months ago it was the attachment with bristles that floated my boat.The gentle sensation of oscillating lubed up whiskers all over followed with the rigid tip against the clitoris was a delight.ost recently the curved beaded attachment is the head of choice as it will gently lie next to you radiating sensations, and a slight change in pressure pushing the largest bead against the right spot will bring the unique deep, rewarding orgasm that this toy is quite famous for.quo.

No 1232.9This firm yet flexible vibrator Amazon provides dual stimulation from two multispeed vibrating bullets.A soft external probe massages the clitoris, while the curved shaft and internal vibrating bullet pinpoints the G-spot for immense pleasure.ind out more: Doc Johnson Lucid Dream G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator No 12Featured in this blog post: Rabbit Vibrators G-Spot Vibrators Doc Johnson Glee 3-Speed G-Spot Vibrator Doc Johnson Lucid Dream G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator No 12.

By JoannaLooking for something that little bit different this Valentines Day?

By JoannaLooking for something that little bit different this Valentines Day? Perhaps yo ve been together longer than you can even remember, or you want to surprise a new lover with a cheeky gift? Rather than hearts and flowers, why not treat your loved one to something they will *love* this year! W ve handpicked some of our most sought after toys and gifts, so without further ado, her s our Top 5 Valentines Gifts For The Couples cheap adult toys… I.. Pants 12Start as you mean to go on this Valentines Day morning…Set the scene for an evening of seduction by leaving a trail of these cute heart-shaped I.. cards.Leave one in their bag, on their pillow, in their coat pocket… you get the picture! Let them discover the cards by themselves, or send messages throughout the day to make sure they collect each one, until they find you waiting with the final I.. attached to the sexy satin underwear…With three different I.. Panty sets to choose from, you can be as Naughty cheap vibrators , Romantic or Kinky as you like.h! Girl tip: If Romance is your favourite, we recommend lighting a delicious Voulez-Vous.

rsquo; too loud for you to feel comfortable using when others in the house, how do you get around it?Fear not, here are our top five tips for making your vibrator as quiet as possible..Muffle rattling batteriesMake a cylinder of card to surround the batteries in the battery compartment.It stops the batteries from rattling around inside the shaft and lessens the volume of the vibration.If one isn’ enough, add more until your vibe is muffled..Use water to cover the noiseUse a Waterproof Vibrator in the bathroom while you have the shower runn.

Ace often neglected on a man’ body (even by men!) is the spongy area between the back of the scrotum and the anus, called the perineum.sing two fingers, apply a firm upward pressure here - or massage quite strongly - whilst paying attention to his penis manually or orally PicoBong Mahana.This will stimulate the prostate externally, greatly enhancing his pleasure .Practise till you find the level of pressure and preferred ‘ot spot’that work for him.efreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life.The Greatest Sex Tips in the World explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment.

The heat traveled right through my pelvis and flooded my clit

Maximus LubricantHi Sh! Girlz,Just a quick question is there a toy out there suitable for finding a mans G-spot? Weve tried with a small dildo, but Im not sure what Im looking for or where to find it! Can you help?Cheers,[Lovely Sh! Customer] Hi there,Thanks for getting in touch. The male G-spot which we call the P-spot, not to confuse it with the female version is the back of the prostate gland, which sits just under the bladder. Its amazingly sensitive and can produce powerful orgasms LELO ALIA. Its possibly best to start by trying to find it with your fingers. If youre worried about hygeine, pop a condom over them, or some latex gloves. .

He eased his fingers sideways into a V, widening my tight hole with a scissoring action.“e would have to work at that for a while.rdquo; whimpered as fire whipped through delicate tissue.The heat traveled right through my pelvis and flooded my clit.I quivered with need, my pussy was so engorged it was as if all the blood had rushed there, causing it to throb and tremble.ogan pulled his fingers out and I missed his touch like I’ miss my own heartbeat.“ut for now "vibrator", sweetie, you’l have this,”he murmured.was expecting to feel the wide head of his cock at my sopping vagina.Anticipated him thrusting into my pussy, hard and urgent, sinking to the hilt.But instead I felt the lubed, tapered head of the new sex toy push against my tender anus.ldquo;h god,”I said, dropping my head low.“ don’ know if we should do this, Logan..t’ perverted.rdquo;ldquo;e all have our little perversions, Brooke.rdquo;He exerted gentle pressure.“et’ find out what’ going to work for you, so I can give you the most amazing orgasm of your life.rdquo;e’ already given me my top three sexual experiences— didn’ know if even he could beat them.But Logan clearly thought he could.His confidence was awe-inspiring, just like his star sign, the ram, he was ambitious and assertive.He was doing strange fluttery things to every part of my soul and turning everything I’ previously thought I knew about sex on its head adult sex toys.“ake it,”he murmured, pressing the thin toy steadily into me.ldquo;ake it all.rdquo;He made no allowances for my tigh.

at a wide variety of places.Shes even garnered an award here and there, including a Pushcart nomination, the Rauxa Prize for Erotic Poetry, and the C.Hamilton Bailey Poetry Fellowship.Her erotic works have appeared in places like Women in Lust, Hide and Seek,?Playing with Fire, Girl Crush, and many more.his class has already taken place.Thanks for attending!.

Just inside the opening are some subtle bumps

Lelo Bo Cock RingDear Sh! Girlz,My new boyfriend, who is lovely, is a bit on the small side, so Im looking to find out how to increase my sensations during sex. I know its what you do with it that counts, as they say, so what can we do to make it a bit more fun for me? Cheers,[Lovely Sh! Customer]Hi there sex toys,Thanks so much for getting in touch. Theres a couple of things we can suggest. First, positions can make a difference to the amount of sensation youre experiencing from penetration. Wed suggest trying positions where your legs are together, such as doggy-style with your legs together and his apart, and putting your legs over his s.

Unlike the texture-free Stealth or Pure openings though, the Fleshlight Flight's opening has an ergonomic lelo tiani whirlpool effect, meaning the entrance sucks you in, turbine-like, with complete ease.hen it comes to a Fleshlight though, it's less about the orifice (unless you're living out a fantasy with a particular Fleshlight Girl) and all about the texture..leshlight Flight TextureWith normal Fleshlight sleeves being 10 inches in length, it can sometimes feel like you're not able to enjoy the entire length of the canal, but that's not the case with the Fleshlight Flight.With a 6. inch sleeve, it's long enough to satisfy every inch of most men.ut what does the texture of the Fleshlight Flight feel like? Over to our reviewer..quot;he internal texture of the Flight has to be one of my favourites so far.Just inside the opening are some subtle bumps, followed by pronounced nodules, then the canal narrows to a tight point, which is followed by more nodules, and finally it finishes with a ribbed section .hat impressed me is that you can actually feel each section individually, especially if you take it slowly to start with.The noduled sections are really good at stimulating all around the head LELO ISLAof the penis, especially down the sensitive frenulum.As you move between the two noduled areas you can fe.

The best product for you.She will also address how to clean and store your toys so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.dditionally, just in time for Valentines Day, AJ will give pointers on how to select a toy or gift for someone else!This workshop is open to all genders and sexual appetites!This class has already taken place.Thanks for attending!.

We Vibe II is still one of the most popular couples vibrators

Its the Monday before ChristmasAnd here at HQ,The Sh! girlz are busyWrapping presents for you!We Vibe IIWeve been very busy this December, so thank you all! Theres still a week to go, though, which is plenty of time sexyto order your last minute goodies and giftsThis Monday, weve had two clear favourites which have been flying off the shelves both great festive pressies for the one you loveThe We-Vibe IIThe We Vibe II is still one of the most popular couples vibrators we sell and one of the few vibrators that ca.

Real sex toy for women.Bethenny was intrigued by the toy and experimented by letting the 10 lapping tongues swirl around the palm of her hand.As she took a closer look at the rotating wheel she exclaimed, 'Who the hell is thinking up this stuff!'.ethenny male masturbators .

Not subscribe to the magazine.Wed like to change that ...If you want to Keep Bitch in Print, if you want to support the organization that brings you all the feminist response to pop culture thats fit to print online and off??subscribe, renew, or become a sustainer now.e wholeheartedly agree with the need for feminist media, especially?Bitch, which has been in print since 1996.Drop by the shop on any Tuesday in August to support this great organization.

It's also a highly versatile toy with its three connected silicone balls

The Sh! girlz have just received a parcel from lovely toy manufacturer Fun Factory, containing two brand new additions to their impressive range. Fun Factory Yooo VibeThe Yooo massager is a sexy silicone vibe ben wa balls , discreet enough to be left on the bedside table, and powerful enough to really give you a thrill! Its also a highly versatile toy with its three connected silicone balls, it can be used for relaxing neck and shoulder massageit can be used to stimulate erogonous zones with a gentle buzzor it can pr.

timistic!Sex might simply not be as high a priority for you as it is for your partner, but I think it’ great that you want to initiate things –it’l be a surprise and a treat for him too.It’ also good that when you have sex you really enjoy yourself, and I do have a couple of suggestions to give your libido lift-off. think you have to condition yourself into being more sexual, and the first thing I’ recommend doing is masturbating regularly sex toys .It’ absolutely true that the more sex we have the more we want, and even if you don’ fancy the idea try adopting the Nike slogan ‘ust Do it’ You will get into more of a habit with it, and if it makes it easier, buy some lube and a tiny but powerful bullet vibe.Arousal creams and gels are good too –they create a warm, tingling in your vulval area and the physical sensations they produce can help to get your mind in gear.ou could go down the route of.

Gnette series based around womens real fantasies.She was a syndicated columnist for The Village Voice for nine and a half years and writes an advice column for Taboo Magazine.Tristan has been featured in over 200 publications and has appeared on CNN lelo luna beads, HBOs Real Sex, Loveline, MTV, Oxygen, The Discovery Channel, and on over four dozen radio shows.She teaches sex and relationship workshops around the world.his class has already taken place.Thanks for attending!.

Points to spend as they wish, or perhaps save up to spend on a luxury sex toy

But were cosy and warm here at Sh! HQ it must be all these hot toys!Sexy Christmas From Sh!Its still not too late to buy gorgeous Christmas pressies at Sh! Were taking Mail Orders until 3pm on the 23rd, and our brave posties are doing their very very best to deliver them to you, despite the wintery weather.ur Hoxton and Portobello stores are both open until 6pm on Curve Lingerie.

Oh! Points to spend as they wish, or perhaps save up to spend on a luxury sex toy.Read on to find out who were the runners up.unners Up1.Benguin's review of Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug" bought this Medium-sized butt plug for exactly this reason: as a first foray into the wonders that anal can offer.Why the medium and not the small, I hear you say? Well, truth is, after a few evenings of drunken anal sex, I was so convinced that my OH was born-natural that I jumped a couple of steps.Perhaps this wasn't the smartest idea!".TheKittyKat's review of Past Pleasures: 20 Erotic Stories edited by Antonia Adams"his was of much better quality than the others, and sparked many a late-night fantasy stories were imaginative (without being too far-fetched), and fit the theme of the book (without being too contrived).There wa.

Your kinky side with these sexy restraints featuring heavy welded rings and buckles.nd finally, the lube?experts at?Sliquid?have come out with a new line called Ride.Employing a fun cowboy theme,?Ride Dude Lube H20?and?Ride Rub Stroke Oil?are playful, masculine, and of course, body-safe!?Rub Stroke Oil?is an oil-based lube formulated with natural nut/seed oils and slick silicone.Dude Lube H20?is a thick, gel-like water-based lube that is suitable for any purpose ben wa balls .onus!?We now have a New Arrivals section on our site that you can check whenever youre wondering whats fresh.We sometimes announce new products on?Facebook?and?Twitter?throughout the month as well .

Physical boundaries of top and bottom space through role play

Doing Valentines on a budget this year? Weve got lots of goodies that are low in cost and high in fun!Mini Love Sexy Dice The Mini Love Sexy Dice are a great treat for creative fun giving suggestions for sensual actions and erogenous areasand male masturbators labelled in English and in the language of love, French! Diva Shimmer Body Powder is pheromone enriched lickable body gl.

njoy Pure Wand, but it was too heavy and slid off.I tried the Lelo Smart Wand Medium but it was too short.Then finally, in a Goldilocks moment, I tried the Lelo Smart Wand Large and it .

 Physical boundaries of top and bottom space through role play, the intimate power of spanking, flogging and the beautiful submission and control of bondage.Carries scene experience and sadistic pleasures cover a variety of activities including knives lelo gigi, canes, needle play, single tails and age play.He believes that playing is an ongoing growth process and is always ready to learn new skills to share with others.With over 10 years experience as a BDSM educator Carrie shares his expertise and lessons in an engaging, open and entertaining format that encourages participants to learn through communication, play and call She Bop to reserve your spot –