Shes captured a naughty, light-hearted view of sex

And so do we and we like the new art expo by Alison Wood thats coming to Sh! this Friday!Naughty - but very very nice!Alison Woods pics are funky, flirty, and a little bit fetish. Shes captured a naughty, light-hearted view of sex, using digital prints to express a distinctly.

tivation to get back on the exercise bike, Happy Ride turns any bicycle into a vibrating love machine.Simply slip it over the saddle, crank up the motor and you're ready for a thrilling ride indeed.ut is this fantastic fusion of our two favourite things really a good idea?According to new data published by the Journal of Urology,.

Who have walked in their shoes and made it through the hardest years.Heres how it will work:Searches will be as simple as entering a zip code.Kids can find entries by folks just like them, whether in their own hometowns or around the globe.Contributors will tag their ethnic backgrounds and religious upbringings in their entry to facilitate effective searches.Additional tags for experiences like being deaf, blind, going through anti-gay therapy, or being HIV+ will also be included.

No matter what, we want youth to see (literally!) that they are not alone, that their challenges can be overcome, and that there is a world of unconditional love and support out there.f you have an LGBTQ teen in your life who may need guidance or reassurance, theres a great book called Queer: The Ultimate Guide for LGBT Teens that could be just what they need.If you want to help kids understand the impact of bullying, there are two sites, Teens Against Bullying?and Kids Against Bullying, that teach young people how to recognize and prevent bullying.

Feamle Eaculation and the G-spot Introduction

Feamle Eaculation and the G-spot. WHAT: Deborah Sundahl, author of the ground-breaking Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, lectures on all things G-spot related!WHERE: Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium, Hoxton.HEN: 7pm, 19th of MayHOW MUCH: ˇę30 for one ticket, ˇę50 for two ticketsLea.

Here she is performing Utter Delight at the Big Time Burlesque: Exotic Summer Adventure show in June, making even cows and buckets sexy!If youre interested in learning burlesque from Madison, youre in luck! Her next class for us, Exploring Burlesque: Striptease Salon, is happening in September.n the mean time, you can also pick up The Burlesque Handbook and peruse our selection of pasties for ideas and inspiration.

Open it up, apply the lube included and prepare to revolutionise your experience..ENGA Egg CraterCrater's wealth of stimulation comes courtesy of the unique 'sucker'-like bumpy nodules.ENGA Egg MistyMisty's array of bumps and triangles work wonders to give you an incredible new sensation.ENGA Egg .

Sophy and why she loves performing and teaching burlesque.She explained:For many years I worked as a pin up model and during that time I grew tired of being molded and shaped in someone elses image.I came to burlesque in search of a way to have ownership over my body, my sexuality and my creative voice.Every step and every move I make on stage is intentional, its because I wanted the audience to see it and not because it is what I thought they wanted to see.This perspective is at the heart of every single class I teach.Being sexy and feeling sexy happens at the core of our being, its not something to be grasped at from outside of ourselves.adisons confidence and conviction shine through in everything that she does.

Throbbing VibratorBored with the traditional vibrator?

The lovely Mistress Arabella, of Bombshells and Rockstars, has written a review for the Throbbing Vibrator, one of our favourite new vibes here at Sh! Throbbing VibratorBored with the traditional vibrator? Does even your rabbit vibe leave you falling asleep at the control.

sh of the Chocolate Body Paint in a Tin stuffed away in the store cupboard would go undetected by even the most determined of chocaholics.f you want to see.

Its also specially formulated to provide natural comfort to anyone experiencing vaginal mom around during porns golden age (late 60s through mid-80s)? Then mom might enjoy seeing some of the most famous movies to come out of that era, such as Debbie Does Dallas and Ben Wa balls , The Devil in Miss Jones, or Alice in Wonderland.The hairstyles will bring mom right back, and the amusing storylines cant be beat!Massages are always a hit, especially with stressed out moms.We have all the components you need to give a rockin massage: massage oils (Oil of Love,Hathor Exotic Love Oil, and the?Love Oil sampler), a porcelain massage stone, and even?an instructional DVD.

Of course, if you cant decide on something specific, everyone loves receiving a gift certificate! We offer gift certificates in any denomination.Take a field trip down to She Bop together and we can help mom cheap sex toys find the perfect toy.aybe the best gift isnt an actual product, but instead a shared experience: pick up tickets for you both to attend?Tristan Taorminos Feminist Porn Show?at Mississippi Studios next month.Feminist porn on the big screen! Drinks at Bar Bar! Its going to be a blast.<

you've seen the lovely glass sex toys on our shelves and in our cases.

Athena, Silky, Classic, Standard Glass Dildo, Shudder, StopperIf youve been to She Bop, youve seen the lovely glass sex toys on our shelves and in our cases. Theyre always shining and reflecting the light Okamoto 003, naturally drawing the eye to them. But glass dildos and glass butt plugs (such as the?Luxotiq Plug and Simply Blown Stopper) are more than just beautifully-shaped hunks of glass they are incredibly stimulating pleasure objects.

These eye-catching toys are handcrafted in an intricate glassblowing process. It sometimes begins with a pool of hot, molten glass, which is gathered out by hand, on a steel rod; it can also begin with pre-made tubes of glass that are heated over a torch. The glass is then twisted and manipulated into its final shape, colored, and carefully cooled.Despite their handcrafted beauty, glass sex toys still live under the stigma that they are delicate, easily broken, and even dangerous cheap sex toys. Not true! High-quality glass toys are long-lasting, sturdy, and of course, they feel great. Need more convincing?

Here are our top reasons for loving glass sex toys.They feel fantastic.?Glass is unlike any other sex toy material out there. Its smooth, solid, and flawless surface allows for effortless penetration.?Especially with lube, glass toys just glide its the most frictionless sensation youll likely ever feel. The firmness and heft of glass can also create the pressure required for mind-blowing G-spot or prostate stimulation.

1 1LR just on the corner of Lancaster Road Portobello Road. Ladbroke Grove is the nearest Tube Station. (Map here).When: Well be there til eight tonight with our glasses of bubbly, and the shop is also open every day from 11am to 7pm do pop in and say hel.

renewer powder like the Fleshlight Powder Renewer (5.99) to counteract that tacky feeling, then ensure the toy is stored separately from any other toys.To check if your toy is made from realistic feel material and needs special attention, go to the product page on my blog and double check the material under 'How it feels'.Realistic feel materials include: Cyberskin, Fleshlight, Futurotic Plus, LoveClone, Loveskin, Magic Flesh, Realskin, Refined Touch, Sil-A-Gel, Silk Skin, Skin Touch, SoftSkin, SoftTouch, LELO GIGI Deep RoseTrue Skin, UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0), Virtual Skin.Need more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to give you the best advice on how to look after your sex toys. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on sex toys is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like:How to Store Sex ToysHow to Clean a Sqweel 2How to Clean a Fleshlight.

These are two very different stories about how porn played a positive role in two different relationships

These are two very different stories about how porn played a positive role in two different relationships. The first story, while hilarious, also shows how porn can allow people to push past their inhibitions and be more adventurous. Incorporating porn into couples play or solo play can increase intensity and pleasure. The second story emphasizes that porn is not just for guys, women love porn to buy sex toys online, especially now that there is more porn produced by and for women, and not just the soft stuff.At She Bop we love to help people experience more excitement and pleasure in their lives. Thanks everyone for your entries and taking part in our contest and congrats to the winners (who requested to stay anonymous) who will be attending HUMP! this weekend. Have fun!Entry #1Believe it or not. My girlfriend and I decided to watch a porn movie together, projected up on our wall, and attempted to mimic everything the Porn-stars did in the flick. We copied their dialogue, their facial expressions, and their mannerisms.At first we found it to be a little embarrassing and we giggled in our attempt to be “Porn Stars”. But, with the large images being almost life-size and the volume of their voices as loud as ours, we soon found ourselves in a hot and heavy foreplay session. It was hard, real hard, to know where to fo.

hugely popular RO80 bullet vibrator. Its a long, narrow vibe, in smooth hard plastic, and has five speeds a low and high speed lelo gigi, plus three speeds of escalating vibration for a fantastic buildup.Since its slim and smooth, the RO150 Gold Bullet Vibrator is great a.

MF) 2. The Chair Girl by Kay Jaybee Zoe takes part in a contest where she has to sit on the hot seat and have all manner of things done to her, without climaxing, for a big cash prize. (MMMFFFF) 3. Learning to Share by G C Carmine Nathan and Amy are used to their friend Ben tagging along with them constantly, but Amy never imagined he would be willing to tag along in the bedroom. (FMM) 4 vibrator. Taking Control by Jacqueline Carr Laura’s romantic night away seems to be ruined when she gets stood up at the hotel—until she decides to seduce a handsome guest in the bar. When James finally arrives, he is happy to join in. (FMM) 5. Curriculum Complete by Tabitha Kitten Young builder Joe has fancied his sexy older tutor for the entirety of his IT course, but he waits until after her last evening class to seduce her in the classroom. (MF) 6. Of Pain and Pleasure by Ms Ragdoll When pleasuring yourself is against your Master’s wishes, you must be prepared to bend over and take his punishment. (MF) 7. Confessions from the Projection Room by Aria Chase One quiet night at the local cinema, a new employee decides to seduce her sexy manager Tony in the projection room. Talk about job satisfaction! (MF) 8. The Lawyer by Kay Jaybee Jade dresses as a lawyer to interrogate and prosecute her lover. This sexy roleplay reverses traditional gender roles for a steamy take on pegging. (MF) 9. What’s Your Pleasure? by Sarai Larsson Life as a medieval prostitute is hard, especially when your sexiest client never wants to sleep with you. Fraught with sexual tension, Jessamine eventually gets to live out her fantasy with the Duke. (MF) 10. Acts of a Certain Nature by Ella James Being dominated is fun, but being the one in charge might be even better. Daniel loves to take control over his wife in the raunchy game they play. (MF).

Make sure your shots are well focused and not blurry

The popularity of the BDSM-laden Fifty Shades of Grey?series has created a lot of buzz lately about the mainstreaming of BDSM and kink. Perhaps as as response to all this new and interesting dialogue,?Bitch?created the Thinking Kink series on their blog about cheap sex toys. Launched in June, the Thinking Kink series highlights the ways in which BDSM is portrayed in pop culture and what these depictions mean for feminism.The series begins with an introductory post, which explains:I want to look at whether BDSMs infiltration of the mainstream media is a feminist triumph, a positive move for the kink community, or just a wallet-fattener for studio execs. I want to examine how BDSM runs the risk of being hijacked to forward anti-feminist agendas, and consider if its app.

s a free event, and as always gents are welcome if accompanied by a lady friend.Dazzler Smooth VibratorWeve also got some gorgeous goodies in stock as special birthday treats.The Dazzler Smooth Vibrator is a pretty-in-Sh!-pink clit vibe with a diamante decoration and a fully variable buzza perfect treat or pressie for the special girl in your life!Th.

win 2,000 Oh! Points which will be credited to their accounts lover. Congratulations!Remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or model or have the best equipment to be a winner, just keep the following photo rules in mind:Upload your photo at a reasonable size. We can’t use teeny-tiny shots.Make sure your shots are well focused and not blurry.Pick a clean and tidy background for your shot. Clutter is distracting and ruins otherwise great shots.No nudey-rudey bits please.Best of luck!.

The Je Joue MiMi vibe fits nicely in the hand

Its back to school season again, and this year we want to help you celebrate! Weve compiled two fun kits to give away to our lovely followers, both aimed at providing education as well as pleasure. Read about them here, then scroll down for instructions on how to enter (hint: its easy!).Clit kitJe Joue MiMi?+ Blossom Organics lube?+ Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Female Orgasms?DVDFocus on the clit with this kit! The Je Joue MiMi vibe fits nicely in the hand, and its vibrations range from a soft rumble to a powerful buzz. Blossom Organics lube is a great all-around water-based lube not too thick nor too thin. And Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is a sexy lesson in all the different ways female-bodied folks can experience and buy sex toys online

al Womens Day below and find more info here. ActionAid is also inviting women to join their Get Lippy! campaign, speaking out for womens rights and supporting campaigns for equality. Sh! will be celebrating International Women’s Day by giving each woman who enters our stores on 8th March an ‘Essensual Women’s Kit’, consisting of a selection of condom.

What I meant: cock ring.What I now think of:Even the BBC gets this one wrong sometimes. Exhibit A: BBC News website coverage of royal memorabilia (we've underlined it, it's at bottom right...). I wonder if they would have featured it if they knew it was a cock ring?Stain KnickersWhat I meant: sex toyssatin knickers.This one happens more times than we care to admit. If you get this one wrong in the product name, it somewhat changes the appeal of a pair of these babies:There are many, many more but none half as fun as these. Please, add your own nominations below!Oh, and if you spot a typo on my blog the let us know on Found a typo thread in the forum..

The flight case is a great bonus not to be overlooked as it provides discreet storage for a number of toys if you remove the foam

For the past several years, writer Arianne Cohen has been collecting thousands of anonymous sex diaries from around the worldsex toys online. Her journey has culminated in a book,?The Sex Diaries Project: What Were Saying About What Were Doing, and a thriving website that attracts voyeurs and exhibitionists alike. These deeply personal diaries span the spectrum of sexuality, exploring both pleasure and heartache.In an interview with Bitch, Cohen explains the allure of the website and how keeping a diary helps folks learn more about themselves:People come to the webs.

And another six of rotation (plus a pearly shaft for extra enjoyment), the Dual Rabbit Vibrator is a real thrill!Tenga Eggs, the great toys for boys from Tenga, are back and with theree new varieties to chose from, theyre more fun than ever! Tenga Eggs are a discreet and thrilling toy a silicone masturbation sleeve with a textured surface for specific stimulation plus a sachet of Tengas very own water-based lubricant all LELO Vibrator.

Is shaped similarly to the index and middle finger and the clitoral stimulator has the shape of a thumb. The clever angles assure that rocking this metal dildo will stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris in rhythm, leading to one sensational foreplay-style orgasm.The flight case is a great bonus not to be overlooked as it provides discreet storage for a number of toys if you remove the foam. When locked up it looks just like my make-up cases, allowing it to inconspicuously blend in with the rest of the random boxes in my bedroom.A flight-ready metal hand with just the necessary digits to make you super happy? Awesome!.

What is the internet for, if not uber-specific blogs such as Blackboards in Porn?

What is the internet for, if not uber-specific blogs such as Blackboards in Porn? This deliciously safe-for-work blog takes a photo of a blackboard in a porn scene, along with fully-clothed performers sex toys online, and analyzes the information for accuracy, issuing a grade from 1-10. Subjects are varied: chemistry, math, music, English, and history have all been covered thus far. Impressive!Its hard to choose a favorite, really, because each analysis is pretty hilarious. But I did really enjoy this one:The title Imperial Russia 1609-1752 is something.

the moment we laid eyes on them, we fell in lust with these beautiful balls ~ as did the rest of the UK and further afield too…These deliciously weighted silver balls are the perfect hot girl accompaniment for an evening in (or out!) At approximately 221g, they will certainly challenge you to squeeze those pelvic floor muscles.If you’re looking for something new to do with your love balls, why not try a good spanking? Pop them inside and make yourself comfortable lelo gigi.

and read on to see a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot.The photoshoot began in the my blog golf course (yes, you heard right!), with lots picture-taking, posing and sex toys. It then moved to the warehouse, where the snapped the shot that made it into the magazine..

You will learn the toning and teasing benefits of Love balls

Each Tuesday in April, 10% of our sales at She Bop will go to the Portland Womens Crisis Line (PWCL). PWCL is a hugely important organization that offers 24/7 support to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. They offer services such as safety planning, peer support, crisis intervention, needs assessments, and referrals to community resources. They have specialized programs for sexual assault and?sex workers. PWCL is an inva.

an use during play. You will learn the toning and teasing benefits of Love balls, the importance of consent and safe-words along with how to master blindfolds, crops and clamps in the most effective, exciting and tantalizing ways.Tickets for our classes are ˇę25 (which includes a ˇę5 gift voucher, bubbly and cupcakes!). We aim to help develop your erotic skills, broaden your sexual horizons and keep your twitchy palms happy with practical advice and sexpert tips. Our erotic classes are fun, informal even playful whilst still providing valuable insight and information.

ulfilling sex”.People in their 50s and 60s said they had their best sex when they were 46.When we looked at the responses from people in their 50s and 60s, who were therefore able to look back over a longer lifetime, we found that they had their best sex at the age of 46.Sexual happiness is keyAlthough there is a definite peak for frequency of sex, quality of sex tends to be perceived to be best in a person’s present, or their recent past. It's heartening to know that people are making the effort to keep sexual happiness leloand satisfaction on the agenda throughout their lifetime.This complex and fascinating topic is very subjective and working on averages simply can’t take into account the variety of relationship types and lengths that could impact on frequency and quality of sex. We also know that my blog customers, who mostly own at least one sex toy, are twice as likely to say they’re satisfied with their sex life (Prescient research) in the first place than non-sex toy owners. But, we hope this will prompt some interesting conversation and show that the best does not have to be behind you.Thanks to everyone who took part!.

Get drawn into the side streets and the secret liasons of each city

Halloween is almost upon us! Here are our picks for celebrating this night of frights.Our sex toys themselves are not scary (okay, maybe scary good), but they do come in festive colors! Fun orange toys include Yooo, Cleo, Ina, and Flash. Black is a much more common sex toy color, but the Ella, Acuvibe, Captain, Harmony, Tenga Flip Hole, Zing, Tor, Tristan, and Leo all wear it quite well! One of our toys actually comes .

Get drawn into the side streets and the secret liasons of each city, with these collections of hot short stories!Plus Sh! is delighted to announce that well be having book readings in our Hoxton and Portobello stores to mark the launch of the series! Sex In The City reading in HoxtonSex In The City: New YorkWHEN: October 21st, 7pmHOW MUCH: FreeSh! Hoxton is thrilled to welcome Maxim Jakubowski, Liz Coldwell, Matt Thorne and Shelley Silas, all authors of fantastic stories in the Sex In The City series, to read their work in store. Sex In The City reading in Portob.

I got the right stats.It did befall a little accident when it was stuck in a drawer during a tidy up and now has a bit of tape keeping it in one piece, but it’s no less effective for it. In all of my time at my blog the Depth Probe has proven itself to be one of the most awesome sex toys of all as without it, I’d have no idea how deep the Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy is or how far inside Brandy Big Boobs you can thrust. Sometimes it’s just a simple adaptation that makes a sex toy like the Singapore Stinger truly awesome.[Note from Hella - Please don’t create your own LHDP for use on your lover, but feel free to go to town with one on your Fleshlight from sex toys online shop:

When we first got together a year ago he had biceps and was slim but strong

I realise how concerned you are, but nagging him to eat will only continue to be counter-productive.Question:My boyfriend is getting thinner each week and I’m worried that he’s anorexic. When we first got together a year ago he had biceps and was slim but strong, and now he’s really skinny and weedy looking, even though he exercises all the time.I don’t fancy him so much anymore. He’s always been a fussy eater but it’s got much worse recently. He gets really stressed and just denies it when I question him (he says blokes don’t get anorex.

as Kay Jaybee – writer of all styles of kink, and lover of all things sexy.There is no denying that ‘being Kay’ has had a great affect on the real me. More than one friend, who knows of my double life, has commented that I have greater confidence these days; that I smile more, say riskier things, make people laugh more often, and even shock them. Then suddenly, sometimes in mid flow, I’ll disappear back into my shell and sit back, being the one who observes. The quiet one who takes it all in the person I’ve always been.As Kay I walk taller, and I am so much braver. I have done things I’d never thought I’d do, and visited places I never thought I’d go to. I’ve read totally dirty stories out loud to complete strangers. I have supped champagne with the editors of publishing houses and porn magazines, and I’ve discussed sex toys and the benefits of lube while eating pizza in a crowded restaurant. The real me would never do any of that!Being Kay has it’s downsides of.

Lady 10th December - MissTerryCleavage 11th December - MissFortune 12th December - S from Newark 13th December - L from King's Lynn 14th December - X.Lusty_Lisa.X 15th December - J from Skegness 16th December - E from Axbridge 17th December - R from Bedford 18th December - V from Hamilton 19th December - J from Bristol 20th December - C from Weston-Super-Mare 21st December - J from Liverpool 22nd December - Alicia D'amore 23rd December - R from Bristol 24th December - N from Inverness 25h December - N from Warwickshire.

How to Clean and Store Sex Toys?

Cock rings that look like DIY hardware. I don’t know which I prefer, these or the Dirk Yates toys that look like weapons - I just can't decide. There is something to be said for inventively-shaped sex toys, I find them infinitely more interesting than the often neon-coloured types and they function just as well. They also help to take some.

He sensuality of bondage, or perhaps the emotional thrill of role-playing? Perhaps you’ve had these fantasies for your entire life and had no idea such wild fantasies could ever be manifested. It could be you’ve read some hot fiction and thought “Yes. This, this is what I need!” It may well be you’ve been too cautious or hesitant to explore them because you’ve been taught “Only abusers hit people!” or “If you’re submissive you are an emotional doormat.” or “People who engage in BDSM are damaged and emotionally unsafe.”Well, hot kinky sex isnt just the realm of brooding multimillionaires, online fantasy and overwrought erotica! Nice guys and good girls can get kinky, too!Join long-time practitioner of Kink, BDSM and member of the Leather Community Mollena Williams, who identifies as a selective submissive, feminist, power slave, masochist, educator and Executive Pervert. Sexually liberated since her first high school relationship where she explored polyamory and openly kinky since 1993.

riple Tease Attachment (5.00) No No Yes Wand Essentials 3teez (14.99) Yes No No Wand Essentials G-Tip (18.99) Yes No No Wand EssentialsLily Pod Tip (14.99) Yes No No Wand EssentialsMen's M-Gasm (19.99) Yes Yes Yes Wand EssentialsNuzzle Tip (14.99) Yes No No Wand EssentialsRabbit Tip (14.99) Yes No No Wand Essentials Tingle Tip (14.99) Yes No No Wand EssentialsTri-gasm (18.99) Yes No No Wand EssentialsLove Seat (59.99) Yes Yes Yes Leather Orgasm Vibrator Belt (64.99) Yes Yes Yes Need more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect magic wand vibrator and matching attachments. You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on vibrators is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like Which is the Best Magic Wand Vibrator? Most Top 10 Most Powerful Vibrators Which is the Best Rabbit Vibrator? How to Clean Sex Toys How to Store Sex Toys.

so you don't have to keep spending out on batteries

There can be social pressure for young people to have sex.Question:My husband went off with another woman two years ago and I have been on my own with my son since then. He is nearly 16, and we get on well but he never sees his father anymore and I am worried as I know he’s becoming more and more interested in sex.

directly.This classic style can be combined with a Finger Vibrator for an extra thrill, or with a small bullet vibrator.2. 5.5% of women described masturbating while lying on their stomachsThis style is cosy and allows for lots of variations. An egg vibrator would be ideal with this style theyre small, strong, and have separate controls for easy access when you want to turn up the buzz! For a more direct buzz, try the Climax Bunny rabbit ears are fantastic for focussed clitoral simulation, and the Bunny is small enough to work well with face-down fun.3. 4% of women rub themselves on an object soft or hard without touching themselves with their hands.Natural Contours MassagerIndirect stimulation can also be really sensuous the whole genital region is very sensitive and some ladiez find that rubbing gives them exactly what they need.

I wish he could talk to his dad as I am so worried he might get a girl pregnant or get an STI. How should I tackle this subject?Should I be giving him condoms even though he is underage?Julie Says:Good on you for your willingness to tackle this sensiti.

Try combining this style with vibration the Better Than Chocolate vibe is a perfect shape for providing widespread buzz, or the Natural Contours Massager, with its large vibrating head, is also great for ladiez who like this style.4. Other ladiez masturbate by rhythmically tensing and relaxing their thighs to squeeze their clit.This is a great style for long bus journeys, as its super subtle! To complement this style, the Sh! Girlz reckon Love Balls would be fantastic to add a little G-spot sensation, plus they give your PC muscles an extra work-out. Alternatively, very small bullets like the Blue Bullet Vibe or the RO80 .

so you don't have to keep spending out on batteries. Rechargeable toys are generally more expensive but their superior engineering often means they have the added benefit of being much quieter than their battery-powered counterparts.Mains-powered vibrators are usually the most powerful vibes around but you need to be near a power outlet in order to use them - and of course they're never waterproof.Waterproof CredentialsWaterproof vibrators are great for use in the bathroom and are easy to clean. The majority of our vibrators have some waterproof credentials but it's important to know the difference between what we call 'splashproof' and fully 'submersible' toys.Splashproof means that your vibrator is not waterproof but can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean it. You must be careful not to let any water get into the electrical components.Submersiblemeans that the toy can be used completely underwater. Vibrators that are waterproof are designed so that they will be completely watertight when the battery compartment is properly closed. Some rechargeable toys are also completely submersible depending on the technology they use - including all We-Vibe toys, Swan, Jimmyjane, Lelo's Insignia range and most toys by Je Joue and Fun Factory.Need more help?You can Contact Customer Care, who willbe able to help you find the perfect toy.

You can send an email any time, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday.The other great place to look for people's advice on vibrators is on the my blog Forum, where our community is on hand 24/7 to give their opinions and tips.Contact my blog Customer Care | VisitThe my blog ForumYou may also like Beginner's Guide to Vibrators How to Choose Your First Sex Toy How to Clean Sex Toys How to Store Sex Toys.

Best Strap-On Dildo KitThe Best Strap-On Dildo kit is a combination of some of our best-loved lesbian sex toys

Party hats and poppers at the ready! We've got an extra special reason to have that Friday feeling blog has just received its 50,000th customer rating at the independent customer review site Shopzilla. And guess what? You've rated us 'outstanding' and put a giant smile on our faces.We get so much lovely feedback and time and again these are the reasons why you rate my blog so highly and .

cone, and designed and perfected in the UK by the Sh! team! The Countess has a curvy body for extra G-spot stimulation, plus the four rings looped along the body which give extra stimulation, but the best bit is the Clit-Lix the curvy clit-stimulating tongue of the dildo. The trademark Sh! heart-shaped base means that the Countess Dildo can be worn with any of our harnesses, and is also available with the famous Sh! Bullet, so you can have a Vibrating Countess Dildo for extra stimulation!">Lesbian Sex card Game4. Lesbian Sex Card gameThe Lesbian Sex Card Game is a great way to spice up your sex life! Cutely illustrated with lovely line-drawings, the lesbian Sex card Game offers so many new ideas that even the most experienced lady-lover will learns something new. The game is based on picking cards, which show different positions and activities, ranging from mild to wild. You can build up a perfect scenario, then act it out! The cards show an amazing variety of fun things to do, and there are over 100,000 combinations possible. There are three ways to play, but everyones a winner!

allow for deeper penetration than you can manage flat on your back in bed.There are four handles on Cupid’s Couch to provide support, but these are also suitable for use with soft bondage restraints such as Sex & Mischief’s range. Inflating quickly with the included powered pump, you can have a full-sized piece of sex furniture or bondage furniture in any room of your home in minutes. With a spiel like that you might well be expecting a hefty price tag to follow but Cupid’s Couch retails at 89.99. Bargain!Full-size sex furniture that fits under the stairs and costs less than 100? Awesome!.

Best Strap-On Dildo Kit5. Best Strap-On Dildo KitThe Best Strap-On Dildo kit is a combination of some of our best-loved lesbian sex toys, as chosen by our lovely customers! Weve collected some of the goodies that have become firm favourites over the years, and created a brand-new gift set. The Cupid 3 is the best-loved dildo we make, with its .

1969 Le Parfait Adjustable Cock Ring

Ball gags are a must-have accessory for every dedicated BDSM player, but the taste of some rubber ball gags can be a little off putting. You can choose a silicone ball gag to ensure that your gag will taste neutral or you can try something a little different thanks to the Awesome Sex Toy of the Week.This innovative ball gag has a nice big ball measuring 2 inches in diameter to ensure the mouth is securely muffled and a highly adj.

They’re so discreet you could delve into their delicious pages during your daily commute or in your local coffee shop without anyone so much as batting an eyelid (although your flushed face could grab some attention!).There are lots of different titles to choose from and all contain three novellas by some of the hottest erotica writers around (Kay Jaybee, Justine Elyot, KD Grace and Lucy Felthouse to name but a few). sure that all on this list of gorgeous goodies will keep you with a smile across your lips and a warm glow on your cheeks well beyond February 14th!What do you think of our list? Tried any of the products? Think we’ve missed something?Leave us a comment on the blog.

k ring. The ring itself is very stretchy to accomodate any size without being loose, with a nice texture and a little flick switch at the side to turn it on. And ooh! The vibrations are quite powerful, and the extra texture on the vibration unit is a bonus! A must-have for casually spicing up your sex life! " Read the full reviewbybethanyelizabeth.1969 Le Parfait Adjustable Cock Ring"During use we both felt the benefit as I felt the increase in thickness and he could go on for much longer. He said he loved the fact he could go longer but felt unable to come whilst wearing it which was in no way a downside as I was more than happy and he got a blow job out of it too! Cleaning was really easy - a bit of soap and hot water, a dry then pu.

lover. With a simple push of a button you can have a slow, steady thrust or rocket through to the Stronic’s mind blowing, sheet ripping rhythmic settings.If that doesn’t sound amazing enough then we can also tell you that the Stronic Eins is fully waterproof meaning bath time will never be the same again!The Stronic Eins doesn’t come with its own charger but you can grab one from our WEBSITE or in-store for ˇę4.99 and, if you ever purchase another rechargeable Fun Factory toy, you never need to buy another charger!!Sh Girlz Tip: Make sure you use a good dollop of water-based lube otherwise silicone toys can have a little bit of an uncomfortable drag on the skin. The Secret Library Book Collectionˇę7.99Who can honestly say they don’t like a little bit class with their smut?All of the books from The Secret Library collection are beautifully bound in soft pastel colours and sumptuous black velvet that you won’t be able to resist stroking.

First written by Hindi philosopher Vatsyayana in the 2nd Century CE

Personally, I love erotica. What could be better than a well-written story that gets you in the mood? It doesn’t always have to be fiction, and it definitely doesn’t have to be long. Sometimes a short and subtle erotic poem is much better than a prolonged novel with extensively graphic sex scenes.It's International Literacy Day today and in celebration I’ve created a short history of erotica with everything from ancient scripts to semi-autobiographical diaries. They might not all push your buttons, but they have ignited centuries' worth of love, lust and pleasure and are still exciting to read and appreciate today.Whether you’re into dominance and submission, seeking tales of debauchery and prostitution or looking for a classic love story there’s something in the genre for you... Kama Sutra - VatsyayanaYou might not have heard of Ovid, but you’re bound to know this next selection. The Kama Sutra has many varieties. First written by Hindi philosopher Vatsyayana in the 2nd Century CE, the original text has seven chapters that explain the best ways to achieve satisfaction, love and pleasure.Today there are countless versions of the Kama Sutra available, from straightforward sex positions to more philosophical explanations of pleasure.Pre 20th CenturyWe’re covering a few centuries here, with good reason: there isn’t a massive amount of erotica to discuss. Censorship from religious authorities and mass-illiteracy are the two main reasons for this. Although it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t anything written.Venus and Adonis - William ShakespeareAlthough William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers of all time, his works of erotic poetry are some of his least well known. Written between 1592.

, and their efficiency means that they they can ‘deliver’ whenever we need them to - before, during or after we have sex.But just because we have the technology, this doesn’t mean that all of us can become multi-orgasmic overnight. Orgasms are different for different people: some women feel pleasantly ‘spent’ afterwards, and others want more - it’s an individual thing. Some may even experience ‘clusters’ of orgasms, or a kind of ‘rolling’ one, but it depends on the person and the situation.A powerful vibrator often leaves the clitoris feeling too sensitive to continue stimulation for quite a while after coming - if at all. Some women are able to (and want to) have more than one orgasm in a session, and some don’t. If you really want to, then fine - if you take a rest and stop stim.

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after all, we have the whole history of the written word to explore.Ancient WorksThe Amores - OvidOne of the best places to start is with Ovid, a Roman poet who wrote The Amores, a book of poetry written about an affair with a girl of higher social standing. Although his work isn’t necessarily ‘sexy’ in modern-day terms it explores love, lust and defying social norms, all themes that are popular in modern erotic novels.